Destiny 2 Raid: How to Beat the Pleasure Gardens

Destiny 2 Raid: How to Beat the Pleasure Gardens

By now many Destiny 2 players have entered the new Leviathan raid to see what endgame challenges await. As expected, the raid is a formidable experience, and will force fireteams to communicate and coordinate in ways they typically don’t in-game.

One of the most challenging sections of the Leviathan raid is the Pleasure Gardens area, where Destiny 2 players are tasked with surviving a “hunt.” But while the Pleasure Gardens section may seem nearly impossible, there are some helpful strategies that will make it very easy to complete.

Learning the Pleasure Gardens Area

First, it’s important to set up the key components of the Pleasure Gardens. In the back of the room, is a golden dome that offers two artifacts called Prism Weapons, and a door to the safe room below. The safe room protects the players and also delivers four spores at the start of each phase.

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Moving out from the safe room, there are 8 flowers throughout the arena. Three are along the walls on other side, moving from the safe room out, and then two are near the middle of the area. One is inside a hollowed out tree and the other is between two large rocks, in a small crevasse.

The goal is to kill six named War Beasts that patrol the foggy garden area. To do that, players will need to receive a buff from discharging spores in the area, then do damage, and then hide in a safe room so the War Beasts’ howl (which activates anytime a player is spotted or if the War Beasts grow restless) doesn’t wipe the team.

Prism Holders and Spore Carriers

(2) Prism Holders

(4) Spore Carriers

Two players will be responsible for holding the orange crystals, which are called Prism Weapons. These can be fired using the right trigger any time the player is in a pool of light, which spawn on the tops of rocks above the garden area. These players are responsible for guiding the spore carriers, detonating the flower at the right moment, and killing the two Cabal that spawn after each flower detonation.

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The four spore carriers will carefully sneak through the garden, heading to each flower to activate the buff upon detonation. Think of it like the Gorgon Maze in Vault of Glass, where it’s only safe to move in between patrol’s blind spots.

Phase 1: Dispersing the Empowering Spore

Once the sequence starts, the Prism carriers will jump to the right and left side and call out which flowers are active. They will then guide the spore carriers to each flower, use the Prism weapon to detonate it, and disperse the Spore Empowering buff throughout the whole lower garden area.

The goal is to have the spore carriers move as a group from one side of the area to the next, delivering more buffs throughout the arena. The first flower offers 12x damage, and then it goes up by 12 for each subsequent detonation. The War Beasts do eventually “grow restless,” which means the War Beasts start to howl and the spores and prisms disappear.

Phase 2: Weaken War Beasts

Once the team has as much Spore Empowering buff as they can, the goal is to do as much damage to the War Beasts without killing any of them. There are six in total, and you want to weaken all of them to almost no health.

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It might be enticing to kill one of the War Beasts, but the easier path to victory is to leave them at death’s door. Killing just one War Beast speeds up the time between the start of a round and when the War Beasts grow restless.

Phase 3: Retreat to Safe Room

After doing decent damage to as many War Beasts as possible, the team will need to retreat into the safe room that previously housed the spores. The door is on a timer so it’s important to head back to safety sooner rather than later. But note that there are a finite amount of uses of the safe room, so try to be smart about your rounds.

Ideally, the fireteam should weaken 3 War Beasts to nearly dead in the first round, do the same to the 3 other, and then on the final round separate and kill one War Beast per person. It’s not the end of the world if someone does kill a War Beast, just keep in mind you need to move faster than before. Power Weapons will be huge during the damage phase, especially close quarters options like shotguns, fusion rifles, and swords. If you have it, we highly recommend the Merciless exotic fusion rifle.

Once all of the War Beasts are finished, a loot chest will spawn on top of the safe room and players will be able to collect their rewards. Celebrate, because one of the harder sections of the Leviathan raid is over.

Destiny 2 is out now for PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version releases October 24th.

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