Destiny 2: What is the Recommended Level for the Raid?

Destiny 2: What is the Recommended Level for the Raid?

UPDATE: Bungie has revealed that the power level range for the Destiny 2 raid will be 260-280. Our original speculation post is below.

With only a few days left until Destiny 2’s first raid releases, many players are power leveling as fast as they can. Although rare and legendary gear is currently capped at power level 265, plenty of players have been able to push past that thanks to helpful leveling tricks. In fact, many dedicated Destiny 2 players are already 280 power level, and some are even 300.

While leveling in and of itself is a worthy goal for players in Destiny 2, most are raising their power level so fast and in such a short amount of time because they want to be as ready for the Leviathan raid as possible. No one knows what the raid will require of players, and so any extra bit of power is sure to go a long way.

Since Bungie revealed that it has no plans to tease or even talk about Leviathan before it launches on Wednesday, there is an extra air of mystery to the raid. In past years, players knew what the recommended light level for the raid would be, and they set that as a goal.

But although we don’t know what the recommended power level for the Leviathan raid will be, there is enough information in Destiny 2 currently to make some educated guesses.

Possibility 1: Power Level 250

If past patterns with Destiny hold, then the Leviathan raid’s recommended power could be as low as 250. When Rise of Iron launched, the recommended light level for the Nightfall was 360 and the recommended light level for the Wrath of the Machine was 370.

Assuming that type of comparative value is true, then 250 makes sense because the recommended power level for the Nightfall Strike is 240. However, that seems low given that the cap for rare engrams is 260 and legendary engrams is 265.

Possibility 2: Power Level 270

It’s that detail, the 265 cap for legendary engrams, which makes us believe that a 270 raid might be more likely. 270 is well under the current power level cap of 350 and is fairly easy to attain, meaning most players should be able to at least enter the raid and see its early sections.

Possibility 3: Power Level 280

At the same time, there is another detail to consider regarding the raid that may push its recommended power level even higher, potentially up to 280 or even 290. This is the first time since the launch of Destiny 1 that players have had an additional reset to prepare for the raid. That means players can run another set of Nightfall Strikes and complete Milestones to claim powerful gear.

Since that is the case, Bungie may be willing to push the recommended power level for the raid a little higher than they would otherwise. If players are able to hit 300 in their first week, they might see the raid as too easy once they level even higher.

destiny 2 raid story

Regardless of what the recommended power level for the Leviathan raid is, players should keep a few things in mind. Recommended power level is usually what a player needs to start the raid, but not necessarily to beat it. So, if the recommended power level is 270 then the final boss’ recommended power level could be 280.

There is also the Prestige difficulty version of the raid to keep in mind, which could have a recommended power level as high as 350. In the past, the heroic version of the raid has been set at the level cap, with the final boss coming in at 10 more light than the cap. In other words, don’t be surprised if the raid power level is higher than what is easily attainable.

There are a lot of questions about the raid and that mystery is keeping players grinding further and further. But all will be revealed on Wednesday.

Destiny 2 is out now for PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version releases October 24th.

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