Destiny 2: How to Beat the Final Boss in the Raid

Destiny 2: How to Beat the Final Boss in the Raid

While many assumed that the villain Ghaul would be the final boss for the Leviathan raid, a descent into the Destiny 2 endgame has revealed a new foe. Emperor Calus waits at the end of the trek through the “World Eater,” and he is as formidable as any that have crossed Guardians before.

To beat Calus, fireteams will need to be extremely coordinated, more so than they have been in anything in Destiny 2 thus far. Beating the final boss fight in the Leviathan raid is no easy task, but we have some helpful tips that will get anyone through it.

Creating the Raid Teams

Before starting the fight with Emperor Calus, the fireteam will need to split into two groups of three. One group will be dubbed the Teleport Group, while the other will be the Symbols Group. Ideally, the Symbols Group will be the stronger players on the team, those that have progressed to as high of a power level as possible.

Survivability and damage will be key for these players, while the Teleport Group doesn’t need as much damage output. Our only recommendation for the Teleport Group is to have a Titan. Once the team has been established, it is time to start the fight.

Phase 1: The Teleport to Shadow Realm

When the Emperor Calus boss fight starts, the team will need to kill enemies and survive for a short bit of time. They should also note the four raised platforms in the room, as those will be key for the puzzle of the boss fight and for doing damage. Eventually, Calus will teleport everyone into a shadow realm, where a giant visage of his face appears in the background.

In front of the team will be a small lip and on the direct opposite side of the lip are three shadow orbs. The Symbols Group will grab these three orbs and teleport back into Calus’ throne room and continue to kill adds.

Phase 2: Calling Out The Symbols

Still inside the shadow realm, the Teleport Group will stay in and use the lip as protection. During this entire section, Shadow Calus will be pulling the players towards him, and the lip serves as a barrier. Do not jump under any circumstances.

destiny 2 calus symbols

Once each group is in their respective spot, the Teleport Group needs to look at the top of Calus’ head to see which symbol is shown. The symbol will be different for each player will need to call out his or her symbol. Make sure to call the symbols out in some form of order so that no one is talking over anyone else. It is very important for the Symbols Group to here each symbol that is called out.

Back in the throne room, the Symbols Group will need to listen for the three symbols called out and determine which one is missing. That missing symbol will correspond to a symbol above one of the Censers, who must be killed by melee.

After the first Censer is killed, the Teleport Group will lose their first lip and slide closer to Calus before stopping at a new lip. Watch out for the raised portions of the area, though, because they will take you over the lip and into Calus’ mouth.

destiny 2 throne room symbols

New symbols will then appear for the Teleport Group and the Symbols Group will need to take out a new Censer. Keep repeating this process until all four platforms are clear.

Phase 3: Build Force of Will And Stagger Calus

Once the Censers have been eliminated, the Teleport Group will be free to move about the shadow realm. Emperor Calus will then start spewing tiny skulls from his mouth, which the group will need to shoot. We recommended a Titan for this group because that player can put down a Rally Barricade and the team can use it to replenish ammo without reloading. Shooting the skulls will give the whole team a ‘Force of Will’ buff that increases per skull destroyed. Ideally, the Teleport Group will want to kill at least 50-70 skulls to get a strong enough buff.

Back in the throne room, the Symbols group will need to keep killing the enemies in the room to keep it as clear as possible. Eventually Calus will start to charge up a room clear attack that will wipe the entire team. To stop/stagger him, the players will need to damage him until the white health bar below his real health bar is completely gone. Once the Teleport Group feels it has accumulated enough of the buff they can return to the throne room via the portal to the right and help stagger Calus.

Phase 4: Damage Calus From Platforms

After Calus is staggered, the damage phase begins. Players need to jump onto one of the four platforms and start to hit Calus in the head, which is his precision spot for the early part of the fight. Eventually Calus will raise his hand to detonate the platform, so once he does, move onto the next platform.

destiny 2 calus damage phase

We recommend starting on the back right platform and moving counterclockwise. It’s best to finish up close in case players have exotics like Merciless to use. Also if a Warlock throws down an Empowering Rift that will help increase DPS (damage per second) even further.

From here, it’s merely about repeating the process until Calus’ health bar is completely empty. The only difference we should mention is that eventually Calus’ chest will open (it glows red) and that becomes his new precision spot. He will also use different attacks to clear the platform as well, but you still want to look for him to react before moving.

Phase 5: Final Stand And Victory

After Calus loses all his health, he will go into a final stand phase where he charges up another team wipe explosion. Now it’s time to focus all damage and remove the white bar below his health yet again, and if successful Calus will be defeated. Now descend the hole in the center of the throne room and claim your new raid loot complete with lore.

Destiny 2 is out now for PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version releases October 24th.

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