Destiny 2: How to Cheese the Exotic Raid Weapon Strike

Destiny 2: How to Cheese the Exotic Raid Weapon Strike

The Destiny 2 community might be located in a brand new game, but the players are still the same enterprising bunch of loot-hungry Guardians. Destiny 2 cheeses are becoming popular just a few weeks into release, with groups discovering the most efficient, and often exploitative, ways to beat various Strikes and other end-game challenges.

One thing that players have consistently struggled with are the new timers for high-level activities in Destiny 2. End-game content isn’t just about having the best gear or being the sharpest shot anymore – now teams need to be more coordinated in order to succeed, as there are different strategies and mechanics that allow for time to be added back on the clock in Destiny 2‘s Strikes.

Alternatively, though, Guardians could always just cheese the timer in the best Destiny 2 strategy possible. A new method has emerged in The Arms Dealer Strike that makes the quest much easier, and it relies on having one player trick the game into zoning in and out between a lost sector and the Strike rooms, respawning Oracle enemies whose deaths add 30 seconds to the quest timer. Here’s a video demonstrating the technique, which was originally posted on Reddit:

And, for those who prefer to learn by reading, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to enact the exploit:

  • Play the Strike as normal until arriving at the section where players must hop on their Sparrow and skip past the bridge/ramp section
  • Get to the room with 5 or 6 Oracles waiting, making careful note of where they spawn so they are killed as quickly as possible
  • Have everyone kill the initial 5 or 6, and then have one player stay behind while the other two progress through the Strike like normal
  • The player who has stayed behind must now travel to the tunnel beneath the bridge and find a Lost Sector, travelling toward it until it zones them in
  • Once they zone in, they must return to the room with the Oracles in it, and they will have respawned
  • Repeat this process until the maximum number of Oracles are killed, which will give players a total of 22:30 to finish the Strike
  • Make sure neither of the other players is still in the room where the Oracles spawn when attempting to reset it – only the player zoning in and out will be able to do so, and other players being in the area will prevent it from happening

destiny 2 arms dealer strike

Completing the Strike, as always, will reward good gear and bragging rights. The more things change in Destiny 2, the more they stay the same, and it’s refreshing to see Guardians willing to go the extra mile in making sure they get the maximum amount of loot in the most efficient manner possible. Given that Bungie will be likely to patch this feature out in the future, resetting Oracles should only be considered a temporary fix to make beating the timer in Arms Dealer a lot easier to manage.

With that being said, beating Arms Dealer is definitely in every Guardian’s best interest right now. The mission is part of a chain that rewards an Exotic Raid weapon, a shotgun called the Legend of Acrius that packs a major punch.

Destiny 2 is out now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit

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