Destiny 2 Down for Maintenance This Morning [UPDATE]

Destiny 2 Down for Maintenance This Morning [UPDATE]

[UPDATE: Destiny 2 servers are back online following the implementation of Patch 1.0.3. The original story continues below.]

Many Destiny 2 console players have flown through the first 20 levels and are now concentrating on getting raid ready and finding all the best gear (and hopefully some cool shaders too). Players should prepare to take a quick break and stretch their legs this morning during a planned maintenance window.

This morning’s Destiny 2 downtime should only impact server availability for about six hours. During that time, the developers will roll out update 1.0.3. The following timeline, provided by Bungie, breaks down when players can expect to get booted this morning…

Destiny 2 Update 1.0 .3: Server Maintenance and Downtime
Destiny 2 will be taken offline on Monday September 25 for server maintenance. Players will be required to download and install Destiny 2 Update 1.0.3 upon maintenance completion.
6 AM PDT (2 PM UTC): Players will no longer be able to sign in to Destiny 2.
7 AM PDT (3 PM UTC): All online players will be removed from Destiny
12 PM PDT (10 PM UTC): Expected maintenance conclusion, Destiny 2 Update 1.0.3 available.”

Destiny 2 Tower secret room story lore

If the maintenance goes according to plan, hopefully most players will either be at work or school during the downtime and won’t lose out on precious game time. So far Bungie has done a pretty impressive job at maintaining server stability for Destiny 2, so players have had limited interuptions during these first few weeks of game time.

If anything goes wrong and the downtime gets extended, we’ll post an update here. Good luck out there, Guardians.

Destiny 2 is out now for PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version releases on October 24th.

Source: Bungie

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