Will Destiny 2 Unlock Its First Secret Quest This Week?

Will Destiny 2 Unlock Its First Secret Quest This Week?

While plenty of Destiny 2 players are still preoccupied with the current bevy of content available, hardcore players are looking forward. They want to know what’s next for Bungie’s sequel, both in terms of new content and new opportunities to earn loot.

Bungie has already revealed that Destiny 2 will hold its first Iron Banner in October and the Prestige difficulty version of the Leviathan raid will launch around the same time, but players expect an event will happen even sooner. Speculation abounds as to what might occur, but most Destiny 2 players agree that a new quest will arrive on October 7th.

The number 7 has always been significant for Bungie, and the developer typically uses the 7th to launch something fun for Destiny players to do. On October 7th, 2015, for example, Bungie sent players on a quest to collect the Sleeper Simulant.

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It is for that reason that most expect Destiny 2 will unlock a new weapon quest next Saturday. What exactly the quest might offer as a reward is unclear, but the hope is that it will be a unique and useful exotic.

Theory 1: Io Exotic Weapon Quest

One of the strongest theories behind the October 7th quest is that players will be sent to Io to unlock an exotic linear fusion rifle. While the other Destiny 2 planets and worlds have their own exotic quests (i.e. MIDA Mini and Multi-Tool), the world quests on Io only unlock a Legendary linear fusion rifle. Things simply end once the Man of War is unlocked.

However, it is speculated that, on October 7th, the next step will unlock and players will be able to continue their quest, provided they did the Io world quest up that point.

Theory 2: Secret Area During 1AU Mission

The other prevailing theory is that the 1AU mission in Destiny 2’s story campaign hides a secret area where players can venture off and complete a new objective. But this area will only unlock on a special day, which some believe to be October 7th.

destiny 2 sunshot exotic weapon LEGO

Players have already glitched into the secret area and there are some uniquely named enemies there. Unfortunately, exploration of the secret area has not revealed anything more than some named enemies, but it could very well be a new offshoot like Destiny 1’s Black Spindle mission.

Whatever the case may be, Destiny 2 players will have to wait a little longer to see if there are any secret missions or quests in the game. Given that Destiny 1 used them more and more as its lifespan went on, it’s safe to assume Bungie hid a few surprises in the game, but the studio may not be ready to activate anything just yet.

Destiny 2 is out now for PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version releases on October 24th.

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