Pokemon GO Releases New Update for Android and iOS

Pokemon GO Releases New Update for Android and iOS

Developer Niantic today announced that a new update is heading to Pokemon GO. The update consists of a handful of bug squashes, as well as support for the iPhone X.

The update was revealed through the official Pokemon GO Twitter account, where a link was posted that detailed the contents of the update. In the link, the development team says they are currently preparing the game for an update to version 0.83.1 for Android users and 1.53.2 for those on iOS devices. The update isn’t anything game-changing, but does squashes a number of troublesome bugs and optimizes the game for iPhone X users, among other things.

Here is the full list of changes with the update:

  • Added support and made optimizations for the iPhone X screen resolution.
  • Removed support for devices running iOS 8.
  • Resolved a bug causing error banners to remain visible until the app is restarted.
  • Resolved a bug that prevented Trainers from powering up Pokémon to their max CP.
  • Improved load times when you open the app.
  • Various bug fixes and performance updates.

Speaking of updates, Niantic is also in the process of making alterations to EX Raid Battles, a source of many player complaints. The developer reached out to players directly through the game’s website to acknowledge their discontent, while also promising to do better. The plan Niantic has in mind is to first make EX Raids more accessible, by having them occur more commonly at Gyms in parks and making it easier for players to get invited. Niantic is also offering consolation prizes to players who have their EX Raid canceled before they begin, as well as making regular raids more rewarding.

The Pokemon GO Global Catch Challenge event is currently underway, and players are catching gobs of Pokemon to reach the campaign’s various reward tiers. The first tier, Bronze, was reached yesterday after players managed to catch 500 million Pokemon. They were rewarded with Double XP, six-hour Lure Modules, and an increase in Pokemon that appear globally. The next two tiers have much more imposing requirements, with the highest tier, Gold, asking players to catch 3 billion Pokemon. The campaign ends on November 26, so Gold may, unfortunately, be out of reach.

Pokemon GO is available now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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