New Pokemon Games Pay Tribute to Iwata

New Pokemon Games Pay Tribute to Iwata

While Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon is only supposed to be an updated version of the 3DS titles with a few changes and some new Pokemon, players have discovered one touching addition to the game. This in-game tribute goes out to Nintendo’s 4th President and CEO Satoru Iwata, who contributed extensively to Nintendo and the Pokémon series.

The Iwata tribute reads, “When we were having trouble fitting all the data in for Gold and Silver, and we were really in a pinch, this amazing guy came along and made a program for us that solved all our problems. He went on to become the amazing president of a real big company soon after that, too.”

Iwata served as President and CEO from May 24, 2002 until his death on July 11, 2015. Afterwards, he was posthumously awarded the Lifetime Achievement award at the 2015 Golden Joystick and 2016 DICE awards.

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Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon also include enhanced graphics and the return of Team Rocket. These enhancements certainly honor former President Iwata as the series continues to evolve.

The development of this remake also reportedly helped in the development of a Pokémon game for Nintendo Switch. It is fitting, then, that the final Pokémon game to appear on the Nintendo 3DS contains a tribute to the former president who contributed much to the series.

Like its predecessors, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon contain a series of title-exclusive Pokémon, including the Ultra Beasts. This formula of version exclusives has been a staple of the series since Pokémon Red and Blue.

With the fate of future Pokémon games on the Nintendo 3DS in question, it is noteworthy that Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon honor former President Satoru Iwata who helped develop the current manifestation of the series. As the series improves its graphical fidelity and moves to Nintendo Switch, this tribute hopefully means that Iwata’s vision for the series is maintained throughout future development.

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon are available now for Nintendo 3DS.

Source: Joe Merrick

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