Fortnite Patch to Add Xbox One X Support and More

Fortnite Patch to Add Xbox One X Support and More

After its slow start earlier in the summer, Fortnite continues to be a major success story for Epic Games thanks in large part to Battle Royale. The free to play, PvP mode has managed to corner the market on consoles by offering an alternative to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. With over 20 million players having logged in to play the mode, Epic has been able to entice even more to stick around thanks to its constant updates and themed events. A new update has finally hit, bringing even more improvements and new ways to play.

For players who managed to snag an Xbox One X earlier this month, Epic Games is finally giving Fortnite the visual boost it needs to really take advantage of the new hardware. After update 1.9.1 launches, players using the new console will be able to utilize 4K and visual settings comparable to running the game on a high-end PC using Epic quality. According to the notes, the HUD is 100% 4K, while the game content is set to 80% and then upsampled to 4K using a high-quality software upsampler. Draw distances, post-processing effects, reflections, shadows, and foliage have also all received a visual boost as well.

Fortnite Vindertech Weapons

The Xbox One X update isn’t the only item contained in this patch, however. In fact, update 1.9.1 continues the trend of adding quality of life enhancements to both the PvE side of the game, and the immensely popular Battle Royale as well. Mutant Storms have returned, replacing the Halloween themed events and with it comes nine new Vindertech weapons to collect in the PvE side of the game.

Battle Royale, on the other hand, is getting two new leaderboards for players to compete on as well. Global wins puts the spotlight on the top 50 players based on the selected match type, while Score displays top players based on the total amount of experience gained. From the gameplay side, players can now find smoke grenades in chests or randomly as floor loot. These weapons are non-lethal, thrown objects that are great for obscuring the vision of enemies.

Fortnite’s popularity has also seen the rise of cheating as well, which Epic has taken a no-tolerance policy on. While the developer continues to ban cheaters in waves, some players who the developer views have taken things to a new extreme are seeing lawsuits filed against them including a 14 year old. Though Epic’s aims were to clean up the experience and eliminate problems like third-party aimbots and paid cheating software, an unforeseen issue is the fact that Epic’s lawsuit involves an individual that is considered a minor and cannot legally be sued. Though it’s now in the company’s best interest to drop the case, it’ll be interesting to see how this incident shapes decisions going forward for the game.

Fortnite is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Epic Games

Check out Page 2 for the entire list of changes, features, and enhancements in update 1.9.1 for Fortnite.

Battle Royale


  • Per Playlist Loot
    • Duo Playlist:  Medium Ammo stack increased from 10 to14.
    • Squad Playlist: Medium Ammo stack increased from 10 to 18.
    • These changes now apply to medium ammo stacks that are found outside of crates and ammo cans.
  • The original Rocket Launcher has replaced the Pumpkin Launcher.
  • Due to overwhelming popular demand, we have modified the normal Rocket Launcher to support rocket riding.
  • The “Outlive” Daily Challenge will no longer count members of your own team.

Bug Fixes

  • Players no longer take fall damage when jumping onto a Launch Pad from high elevations.
  • Fixed an issue which caused the incorrect animation to play when bouncing on consecutive Launch Pads.
  • Fixed the firing and reloading animations for the new Silenced SMG.
  • Fixed an issue  which caused players to take fall damage when getting knocked out of skydive mode (after using a Launch Pad).
  • Fixed an incorrect animation that would play when being eliminated while using a Launch Pad.


  • Players will now receive a pop-up confirmation before leaving a match if they accept an invite from a teammate that left the same match.
  • Updated “Gamepad” to “Wireless Controller” and “Controller” in the menus.
  • Daily challenges no longer automatically collect when accepting an invite.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a few localization issues in the Season Shop.
  • Rich presence is now properly localized in all languages on all platforms.
  • Changing an item in your locker while servers are down will no longer soft-lock the game client.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented players from navigating the locker tab after they canceled a submenu.


  • Environmental bush locations have been changed across the world.
  • Bushes will no longer be in different locations on different platforms.


  • Reduced hitching by pre-loading additional assets during the loading screen instead of mid-game.


  • The “Invite” button on the “Party Finder” may only be pressed once per 2 seconds to prevent accidental friend invite spam.



  • Fortnite now supports Xbox One X in 4K!
    • Fortnite on Xbox One X pushes the game’s visual settings comparable to what you’d see on a PC set to “Epic” quality.
    • This includes better-quality reflections (including screen space reflections being enabled); higher quality post processes like motion blur, anti-aliasing, and depth of field; great draw distances; more detailed foliage; shadow casting enabled on more lights and objects; and higher resolution textures and shadows.
    • Content is rendered at 80% of 4K and then upsampled to 4K via a high-quality software upsampler. The HUD is rendered in 4K.
  • Removed the black artifacts that appear while sprinting on Xbox One.
  • Fixed an Xbox One only issue which prevented players from logging in if they signed out and quickly signed back into their Xbox One live account in-game.

PlayStation 4

  • If a friend fails to join the party, they will no longer appear to be in party via the PS4 profile and friend’s status.



  • Mutant Storms
    • The Fortnitemares event has ended and Mutant Storms have returned!
    • For every 500 unspent Halloween tickets you will receive a Halloween llama, available in the loot tab.
    • Fight the storm and earn tickets from missions up to 10 times per day.
    • New Event Quests specific to Mutant Storms have been added.
  • Vindertech Weapons
    • Pulsar – Accurate burst assault rifle.
    • Burster – Pistol that fires powerful 3-shot bursts.
    • Blazer – Rapid-fire machine pistol.
    • Disintegrator – Shotgun that fires balls of plasma.
    • Jolter – Energy sniper rifle.
    • Blaster – Powerful scoped heavy pistol.
    • Slammer – High-speed rocket hammer.
    • Sever – Light energy axe with a fast attack speed.
    • Slicer – Medium energy sword.
    • Players can loot these weapons from event quests and event llamas.
  • The amount of Storm Tickets given out by Mutant Storms will now be consistent across all hexes of the same difficulty level.
  • Updated the Zapper pistol projectile to no longer inherit the velocity of the character wielding it.
    • This weapon is now more reliable and accurate.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue which caused some of green hexes to not award XP.


  • Updated Rocket Hammer descriptions to be consistent across all rarities and tiers.
  • Improved controller navigation in the Options menu.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue which caused the Ninja icons to be tiny.


  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when closing the game.

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