Destiny 2 Previews Major Updates Coming in December

Destiny 2 Previews Major Updates Coming in December

Bungie has detailed plans for the future of Destiny 2 in its promised blog update titled “The State of Destiny 2.” The first step of the developer’s plan to address fan criticism and feedback about the game will begin in December, with two updates planned to launch in back-to-back weeks.

Numerous changes and additions will be made to the game starting with an update accompanying the December 5th launch of the Curse of Osiris expansion. And then even more changes will come the following week, on December 12.

Here are the changes players can expect on December 5:

  • Armor Ornaments will be added to some existing Armor sets for more visual customization. This does not remove any shaders or mods already applied to the armor.
  • Rare quality Mods will dismantle into Gunsmith materials with a chance of also dismantling into Legendary quality Mod Components.
  • The Gunsmith will offer a rotating inventory of specific Legendary Mods for direct purchase using Legendary Shards and Mod Components.
  • Master Rahool will sell Legendary Engrams at the price of Legendary Shards.
  • Numerous changes to the Reputation Token system, including increased amount awarded for Daily Challenges, opening Cayde’s Treasure Chests, completing Strikes, and drop rates will be increased for Tokens found on destinations.
  • Leviathan Raid Tokens will be redeemed at Benedict, the Tower’s raid vendor, immediately upon obtaining the Token instead of requiring a full clear of the raid before unlocking.

destiny 2 december update faction inventories

The following week, on December 12, some more significant changes will be made to the game:

  • Legendary weapons will now have Masterworks versions, offering re-rollable weapon stats, an extra orb-generation perk, and a kill-counter.
  • Faction vendors will now offer an inventory of armor and rotating weapons that can be purchased directly using Legendary Shards and Faction Tokens.
  • Xur will now offer Fated Engrams and Three of Coins, giving players new paths to collect Exotics.
  • A Gift consumable that can be activated during a PvE or PvP activity to get a drop of extra rewards ranging from extra Tokens to Exotic drops.
  • Chest and Resource lockouts on destinations will be reduced.
  • Vendors will only receive a notification flair on the Director when players have enough resources to actually earn an engram from them.

Additionally, there will be a host of sandbox and balancing changes, although none were detailed today. Those will be fully covered in the patch notes published on December 5 with the launch of Curse of Osiris.

This is the first round of changes Bungie is making to address player complaints about Destiny 2. In a podcast published today by Bungie, developers said that not one of these changes is going to completely fix Destiny 2 but that they are a step in the right direction. From here, Bungie promises to continue to improve the game in the coming months.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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