Dragon Ball FighterZ Adds 3 Characters From DB Super

Dragon Ball FighterZ Adds 3 Characters From DB Super

A new, exciting reveal for Dragon Ball FighterZ informs fans that three new characters will be coming to the upcoming fighting game, taken straight from the currently-airing Dragon Ball Super anime. Beerus, Goku Black (With Zamasu), and Hit are the first Super characters to make an appearance in the game besides Super Saiyan Blue transformations and Golden Frieza.

These latest character announcements are our first indication that Dragon Ball FighterZ could be getting more of the cast of Dragon Ball Super added to its roster, either prior to release or as part of the extensive DLC plans. The news comes courtesy of V-Jump magazine, which reveals a little bit of information about each character.



Starting off with God of Destruction, Beerus, the Battle of the Gods villain is one of the most powerful fighters in Dragon Ball history. His Meteor special ‘God of Destruction’s Judgment’ will grab the opponent before hitting them with a transcendent headshot. In addition, the character will be able to send out ‘Spheres of Destruction’ that can be placed strategically to explode when the opponent touches them.

Goku Black will come in his exclusive Super Saiyan Rose form, complete with Zamasu to back him up. Much like Android 18’s fighting style, Goku Black will use special combo attacks with his partner fighter, such as getting Zamasu to hold the opponent while he charges a Kamehameha. His Meteor special ‘Work of the Gods’ will create several clones to join the fight before attacking mercilessly with an energy scythe and hand blade.

Lastly, the ultimate assassin Hit is capable of stopping time for brief moments, allowing him to move exceedingly fast during combat. The character will be speed-focused with little in the way of energy attacks, but can make use of counters and time-skips in close combat situations. Hit’s Meteor special ‘I Continue to Grow’ will deliver blows at an ultra-high speed once time is frozen, causing the enemy to collapse and receive massive damage.



The character reveals weren’t all that the latest V-Jump had to offer, however; the magazine scans indicated that the Dragon Balls themselves will be making an appearance in-game. By completing a specific numbers of combos, both players will discover Dragon Balls during the fight. Whoever obtains the final ball will summon Shenron to come forth, allowing them to choose one of four wishes: Full HP Recovery, Teammate Revival, Addition of one “Sparking!” Icon, or Constantly Recovering HP.

What’s more, the scans revealed the possibility of Dramatic Production events that trigger under certain conditions in battle, showing beautifully-animated cutscenes of interactions between characters. Defeating the newly-revealed Kid Buu as Super Saiyan Goku, for example, might trigger a Spirit Bomb sequence, while beating Yamcha with Nappa may trigger his iconic Saibamen death scene.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is set to arrive on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on January 26, 2018.

Source: Gematsu

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