Monster Hunter World: How to Get the Plunderblade

Monster Hunter World: How to Get the Plunderblade

As indicated in our review of Monster Hunter World, the action-RPG can often be a dense gameplay experience due to the title having a seemingly limitless amount of content in the way of its lush environments, beautiful beasts to capture and battle, and items to collect. Speaking of the lattermost subject, one of the most useful objects in the game for players to have at their disposal is the Plunderblade, and for those players out there who are struggling to nab it, they would do well to follow along with our guide on how to get it.

Before jumping right into how to obtain Monster Hunter World‘s Plunderblade, though, it’s important to understand the significance of the item, as it’s a tool that players’ Palico partners can use in the game to dislodge rare resources from the creatures that one fights in the game. Whether it’s teeth, claws, carapaces, or other objects, if fans’ cat companions have the item in tow, it can yield up to 15 pieces per enemy. With this being the case, it could potentially slice the amount of time needed to farm for such items in half, meaning that players will have the chance to get the next best armor set or highly coveted weapon at a much faster rate.


How to Unlock the Plunderblade

For starters, to undertake the Grimalkyne Palico Tribe quest in the Rotten Vale and obtain the Plunderblade, players will need have completed the three previous Grimalkyne Tribe quests, which are all region specific. This means that Monster Hunter World fans will need to have encountered and helped the Grimalkyne Tribes in the Ancient Forest, Wildspire Waste, and Coral Highlands in order to proceed with this next part of the quest.

To find the Grimalkyne Tribe in the Rotten Vale, players will first need to head over to Area 13, which can be reached easily from the realm’s Central Camp. This is where one will often find the Odogaron skulking about. Should the monster be absent from this location, though, the Palico-like Grimalkyne can be found who will flee quite quickly.

Once the Grimalkyne has fled, head on over to Area 15. In order to get there from the small cavern where the fleeing Grimalkyne was originally, hug the wall going west – that is, the right-hand side for players facing out – and one will quickly come across a cave system. At this point, take a right to a dead end, which is where the Grimalkyne ought to be. Players’ own Palicos will then explain that the Gimalkyne is hungry.

Completing this portion is pretty easy, as players will simply need to select Raw Meat on the quick access menu, place it reasonably close to the Grimalkyne, and then back away to the edge of the cave. The Grimalkyne should then descend from its perch to eat, with others of its ilk joining in on the feast, triggering a small cutscene. After this, players will be rewarded with the Plunderblade.

With the Plunderblade now in possession, it’s important for players to talk to their Palicos upon arriving in one’s personal room in the Astera social hub, and then select the “change equipment” option. The Plunderblade is one of the most sought-after items in Monster Hunter World for a reason, as would-be Hunters’ Palicos can now harvest monster corpses for incredibly rare items that would usually involve a grind that could hours on end.

Monster Hunter World is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and is set to launch in fall 2018 for PC.

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