Monster Hunter World: How to Beat the Anjanath

Monster Hunter World: How to Beat the Anjanath

As a hunter, you’ll be facing an assortment of strange and dangerous creatures in Monster Hunter: WorldThe game does an excellent job at easing players into the universe by first issuing hunts on smaller targets. As time goes on, however, the monsters you hunt will get more terrifying and much more difficult. The Anjanath is the game’s first real challenge, and will force hunters to take off the training wheels and strategize.

You’ll eventually be tasked with hunting it during the seventh assigned quest in Monster Hunter: World, called The Encroaching Anjanath. You’ll have 50 minutes to do the deed and accomplishing this task will reward you with 4,320 Zenny.

Know Where To Hunt

While exploring the first area of the game, the Ancient Forest, you might have already run into the Anjanath. It’s that imposing Tyrannosaurus Rex-looking monster with fur that tries to stomp you flat if you wander around the northern half of the map.

It typically cruises the sectors of 5, 6, 7, 11, and 12, and it’s intimidating footprints can be spotted throughout. It’s extremely territorial and will attack anything in sight, even other monsters. Use that to your advantage.

Know Thy Enemy

You’ll want to study up on the Anjanath’s weaknesses and determine how to exploit them. In terms of weak spots on the body, the Anjanath is vulnerable in the head and tail. Due to its size, hunters will want to focus their time attacking the feet and tail, which is severable. Just don’t linger too long underneath the beast or risk getting trampled.

While the head is also a viable target, it’s also the most dangerous portion of the creature. Only attack the head if you’re using a ranged weapon or the Anjanath has been knocked down.

In terms of elemental weaknesses, hunters will want to utilize water-based weapons and attacks, since the Anjanath is a fire-based creature.

Monster Hunter World's Technical Weaponry


The most important part of a hunt: preparation. As always, you’ll want to stop by the canteen and eat a hearty meal that boosts your health and stamina, as well as some elemental resistance. Next, you’ll need the right gear.

Earlier, you might recall hunting the slimy, muck monster Jyuratodus, which makes its home in the waters of Wildspire Waste. Jyurantodus parts can be used to make water-based weapons that doll out effective damage on the Anjanath and are an important part of your arsenal for the upcoming fight. If you don’t have the parts, or are too lazy to farm them, then thunder and ice weapons will also deal decent damage. Just stay away from fire, as it’s completely useless against an Anjanath.

Don’t forget to boost the defense on your current armor pieces, as you’ll need every bit of help you can get. The Anjanath hits very hard, so make sure you have extra protection.

Lastly, any good hunter will know to bring along as many potions and rations as they can carry, as well as anything that can provide openings, like flash pods to temporarily stun. Shock traps are particularly good at buying hunters some time and can be used to capture the beast when its weak enough.

Hunt The Anjanath

The Anjanath is the first truly difficult monster hunters will face. When it first spots you and lets out that deafening roar, your first instinct may be to run, but don’t. Charge in and try to stay underneath it as much as possible. The Anjanath will attempt to swipe and strike you with its head and tail, so stay away from its front and back.

Another thing to watch out for is its fire attacks, which will come from its mouth. When an Anjanath is readying a blast of flames, its throat will glow. Striking the throat in this state will cause it to overload and knock the Anjanath back, but it’s a risky move. If it manages to hit you and set you ablaze, roll on the ground to put out the fire and heal as soon as possible.

The Anajanth can sometimes be unpredictable, switching attacks quickly and without warning. When its side flaps come out (the things that look like wings), be ready for some fearsome attacks — some that may one-shot weaker hunters.

If there are other monsters in the area, try to lure them over to the fight and bring them into the mix. The Anjanath will likely turn its attention to the new threat and become distracted. Get some shots in if you see an opening or wait it out and see if the newcomer can whittle down the Anjanath’s health for you.

When the Anjanath weakens, it will eventually limp back to its den, where it will sleep in an effort to recover. This is a prime time to catch it off guard, and even capture the beast, if you have the right tools. If not, then use this window to unleash hell and bring it down.

Monster Hunter World is available now for PS4 and Xbox One, with a PC release planned for later this year.

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